Checador tradicional

Automatic Minute, Hour, and Day
• Uniform and Legible Registration on
card or paper stock of any size …
including tabulating type cards.
• Rust and Corrosion Proof.
• Automatic Ribbon Feed and Reverse to
assure long ribbon use.
• Designed for Wall, Desk, or Platform
Mounting. Easy to Install.
• Electric Drive heavy duty synchronous
motor. Available for 120V/60Hz or
other voltages/frequency models.
• May be ordered to Print on Right or
Left Margin of Card.
• Large and Attractive Clock Dial directly
geared with typewheels.
• Easy to Set After a Power Failure.
• Fully Guaranteed for One Year Against
Defects in Workmanship and Materials.


Provides Accurate and Indisputable Time Records which meet the requirements of
Federal and State Laws governing wages and hours.
• Protect your payroll … provide legible records of hours worked.
• Reduce tardiness and early departures by 90% or more.
• Increase production … enforce the time schedule.
• Eliminate disputes regarding pay.
• Establish respect for time … eliminate wasted time.
• Provide the correct cost of the finished product or operation.
• Enable use of flextime work schedules.